Jane Gee: Hydrating Hearts

By / Photography By Jennifer Bakos | December 30, 2016
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A Story of Food, Skin, and Regeneration

Jane Gee (pronounced G) helps people rediscover their birthright to clear skin by taking them on a journey through ancient foods, natural oils, and inner work. Jane’s own luminous face makes great advertisement for the process. Only her black-and-white streaked bob belies her age, though her Australian frankness helps too: “I’m a woman in my sixties, and I don’t have wrinkles.”

Jane is as bold and magnetic as janegee, her gender-neutral skin boutique and nail bar. Her business began with her handmade products in 2007 before filling a storefront in 2010 and relocating to Portsmouth’s Congress Street in 2014. The success of Jane’s line grew from a time of reckoning in her life, her networking survival instincts, and a return to what she knew— something she studied under a Hungarian master and won awards for in Paris: Skin care.

Something else Jane knows, installation art, graces the walls of her office where she handdrew a Chinese face map. Its lyrically shaded precision invites reflection inward. Balancing the room on the opposite wall is Jane’s painting of a huge blossom, incenting growth outward.

If Jane’s approach seems multidisciplinary, she agrees. “I’m not a doctor. I’m an herbalist, an aromatherapist, a plantspirit medicine practitioner.” She gestures toward the guidance tools throughout her office. “I’ve done energy work for a long time,” she continues, looking toward a sacred drum gifted by a Native American holy man. “Skin is simply my entry point. It’s always more than the skin. Skin, gut, and brain are intricately connected. There is a dietary and emotional root of all skin issues that show up.”

Jane’s treatment philosophy is simple: “I believe you’re given a blueprint for health from birth. You need to go back to your blueprint.” She helps clients begin this process using a biorhythm discovery system to uncover root problems: “We follow the thread of an issue until we find a knot and untie it until the next one, each time finding a fuller expression of you.”

The issues and solutions are invariably different for each person, Jane explains, because “There are as many ‘skin types’ as there are people.” Yet Jane also sees a pattern in clients’ reactions to our toxic food system and environment—stomachs devoid of real food and faces starving for good oil.

Visualizing a garden, Jane starts from the soil—the gut—guiding clients to eat ancient food to improve health on a cellular level: “If you can hunt, pick, or grow it, it’s food. Everything else is food product.” On the surface, Jane addresses the fear of oil-on-skin application: “The oil in your skin has natural healing and protective properties. If you wash it off, you lose this. You need to rinse off, not scrub, and with oils, not surfactants.”

Jane adamantly asserts that the body can’t function at its best with chemicals if it is to provide the full complement of minerals gained from real food and good oil, which is why all her products come from nature. Still formulating everything herself, she has moved from hand mixing products to employing a brilliant woman chemist. In fact, all Jane’s employees are women, and all her outside merchandise is woman-made, but her true mission is for men and women clients alike: “My goal is to empower you.” Ideally, clients take home janegee treatment plans without necessarily needing to come back, though they often do, just to re-connect. “We’re kind of like the watering well in the community. People just come.”

For a drink at the well yourself, check out janegee’s free community gathering one Wednesday evening each month. You’ll leave with your heart hydrated.

Article from Edible New Hampshire at http://ediblenewhampshire.ediblecommunities.com/food-thought/jane-gee-hydrating-hearts
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