The Fermentation Issue, September & October 2015

By Edible New Hampshire | Last Updated September 01, 2015
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Edible Seacoast, Issue #3, September/October 2015: The Fermentation Issue
ON THE COVER: A collection of Chef Patrick Soucy's vinegars at Applecrest Farm, Hampton Falls, NH. Photo by Katie Doner

Edible Seacoast, Issue #3, September/October 2015: The Fermentation Issue

Lacto-Fermented Carrots

Locally grown carrots
Fermentation is easy, safe and good for you. This project is great to do with kids and it gets them eating vegetables and probiotics. Most importantly for cooks it unlocks a whole new range of flavors...

Kensington's Rocky Hollow Honey

Dan and JoAnne Phillips of Rocky Hollow Honey
Dan and JoAnne Phillips Rocky Hollow Honey, Kensington, NH Golden, naturally sweet and with antibacterial properties, honey is a power food...

The Farm at Eastman's Corner

Christian Pasternak of The Farm at Eastman's Corners
Executive Chef Christian (Chris) Pasternak The Farm at Eastman's Corner, Kensington, NH As a child, Chris used to sit in his living room...

Dig In Food Solutions

Kath Gallant and Tracey Miller
Kath Gallant and Tracey Miller Dig in Food Solutions, Exeter, NH Chef Kath Gallant and Health Coach Tracey Miller have joined forces and...

Layers of Flavor: Exploring Artisan Bitters

Artisan bitters
Bitter is a word we are all too familiar with in the northeast, but there is a way to say bitter and smile, with a cocktail. I’m talking...

The Fitzgerald

The Fitzgerald cocktail with artisan bitters
Enjoying bitters at home is easy; take your favorite drink and throw in a couple dashes of bitters.

Exploring the Art of Fermentation in the Kitchen From the Brewery to the Bakery

Tools of fermentation
What is fermentation and why should we care? The first question is easy, the second is not. Fermentation is the breakdown of a substance by...

Saphouse Meadery: Revitalizing a Community with Mead

Saphouse Meadery's honey-fermented drink made in New Hampshire
Mead making began as a hobby for Matt Trahan and Ash Fischbein, cousins born and raised in Ossipee, New Hampshire. The pair began Saphouse...

Preserving Petals: Extending the Summer with Fragrant Rose Vinegar

Rose Petal Vinegar
Rose petals sprinkled on snow during a winter wedding or bestowed upon lovers in February also make flavorful vinegar. Imagine opening a bottle of fragrant rose vinegar to use in a soup or stir fry...

Brewing Boocha

Exploring Kombucha with Local Brewer Ben Zanfagna Ben Zanfagna, owner of Boocha Kombucha, is tall and broad-shouldered with loose brown...

Kombucha Home Brew

Kombucha Home Brew
The rules are pretty simple but fermenting can be dangerous if mold or other harmful bacteria enters your vessel. To avoid pitfalls, be sure to cover your fermenting vessel with a breathable cloth...

Basic Kimchi

Basic cabbage kimchi
The character of your kimchi will change as it ages. Over time it will get funkier and more sour. Use the " fresh" kimchi as a condiment on sandwiches or a side dish with grilled meats. The sourer...

Beet Kvass

Beet Kvass
Beet kvass is earthy, salty & tangy. It reminds me of my grandmother’s fermented beet borscht. It is traditional to Russia and the Ukraine and is the result of the process called lacto-fermentation...

Simple Sauerkraut

Fermented Sauerkraut
Sauerkraut is one of the simplest lacto-fermented foods there is. Most recipes make enough to feed an army, and this recipe is easily doubled (or tripled, quadrupled, etc.) if you have a lot of...

Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche
This is the easiest ferment and it saves you money. You are basically making your own sour cream.

Wild Yeast and Ginger Starter for Homemade Sodas

Ginger for Wild Yeast and Ginger Starter for Homemade Sodas
Traditional fermented sodas need a starter—beneficial bacteria and wild yeasts that help to convert sugars into acids and, more importantly, generate the carbon dioxide that gives these sodas their...

Big D’s Hot Pepper Sauce

Big D's Hot Pepper Sauce
I use white sea salt, which has bigger crystals and better flavor than table salt. It is not iodized and has no anti-caking additives in it, both of which can affect the color and taste of the sauce....

Fermentation: A Balancing Act

A Glimpse Into the Life of A Potter Dedicated to Making, Teaching, and Fermenting.

Distiller's Notebook: Fresh Isn't Always Best

Distiller pouring a sample
A New Hampshire Distiller on the Making of Bourbon Often the definition of good food revolves around its freshness; it’s why we buy locally...
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