The Heritage Issue, July & August 2015

By Edible New Hampshire | Last Updated July 01, 2015
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Edible Seacoast, Issue 2, July/August 2015: The Heritage Issue
ON THE COVER: Tomato and Gnocchi Skillet. Photo by Enna Grazier

Edible Seacoast, Issue #2, July/August 2015: The Heritage Issue

Keeping it Clean and Wholesome at White Cedar Farm

White Cedar Farm
Dave and Shelley Smith, Liz Schneider White Cedar Farm, Kensington, NH A program sponsored by Eastman’s Corner to provide marketing...

Hobby Turned Small Business at Hemlock Hollow Maple Farm

George Gavutis of Hemlock Hollow Maple Farm
George Gavutis Hemlock Hollow Maple Farm, Kensington, MA To walk with George Gavutis is to walk on the wild side – the wildlife side that...

Biodiverse Farming at Brookford Farm

Luke Mahoney of Brookford Farm
Luke and Catarina Mahoney Brookford Farm, Canterbury, NH On Brookford Farm’s 600 acres they produce raw milk, cheese, organic vegetables,...

Fisherman's Diary: Consider the Whelk

Fisherman Keper Connell
Who knew I was going to be a fisherman? I did. And since reaching that decision with no return, I have come to realize that my long-term...

Cooking is Easy

Heart made of water in lettuce
Last night, I took a small piece of beef roast, floured it, and put it into a baking dish. I added some peeled carrots and potatoes, a...

James Haller’s Patisserie Crème

James Haller's Patisserie Crème
Use it for a Boston Cream Pie filling, éclairs, or as a fresh fruit topping. The slight orange flavor gives it a remarkable taste, so that you might want to just eat it right out of the bowl (no...

The Heirloom Harvest Project

Interior of Barn Dinner and Farm-a-Q
How a celebration of the past is saving the future of food on the Seacoast

Fruits of Summer

Tomatoes in a pan
Heirloom tomatoes are one of the glories of the summer. They can be enjoyed raw, or with a little drizzle of olive oil and fresh goat...

Our Food Heritage in Pictures

Ribs from local butcher
The American people as a whole are far removed from their own local foodsheds. It is rare for an everyday person to know exactly where...

Forager's Notebook: Defining Our Heritage

"People protect what they love.” - Jacques Cousteau This issue’s theme of “Heritage” has been floating around in my head, with no obvious...

Grill Season

It may seem unusual, but for centuries towns and villages shared communal ovens. The baker would stoke a huge fire to bake bread for sale....

And So We Fish On

Fishing heritage of New Hampshire
Preserving the tenacious legacy of the New Hampshire fisherman

A Spoonful of Molasses: Colonial Rum Makes a Comeback

Colonial Rum
When thinking about the origins of rum, consider what ‘waste’ meant to those living in the 17th century. The Caribbean sugar farmers of...

Seed Saving at Home

Heirloom seeds
Preserving your heritage with heirlooms

Blueberry Lemon-Thyme Hand Pies

Blueberry Lemon-Thyme Hand Pies
Serve warm with fresh gelato for a fresh taste of summer.
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